Top 5 Home Features Most Homebuyers in Atlanta Want

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The housing market is starting to rebound after the pandemic, meaning it is time for sellers to start thinking about the features in their homes that might need upgrades. Homebuyers in Atlanta still want to spend more to get a home with quality finishes in a gorgeous neighborhood.

If your goal is to get the most bang for your buck, it might be a good idea to focus on the home features that buyers want most. Continue reading to learn more.

Energy Efficiency

Buyers want to limit how much they spend on utility bills. If you have Energy-Start appliances, now is a good time to market them. If not, consider remodeling. Replacing a washing machine can cost you anywhere from $600 to $1,800 depending on where you buy it. However, it could also help you save up to $45 each year on utility bills.

You may even go as far as installing energy-efficient windows, which can reduce both cooling and heating costs by up to 12%.

Laundry Room

Rather than stacking all of their laundry in the empty guest room down the hall, buyers want a separate room to do laundry in. If you’ve been thinking about adding a laundry room o your home, you might consider putting it in the basement. With utility lines already in place, you likely won’t have to demolish anything to install one.

Ceiling Fans

Beyond adding to the overall aesthetic of a home, a ceiling can help lower cooling costs when used alongside an air conditioner. Ceiling fans help cool rooms they are in by creating wind chill. According to, while a fan is in use, a homeowner should be able to raise the thermostat by four degrees without feeling less comfortable.


If you neglect the backyard when preparing to sell your home in Atlanta, you’re making a huge mistake. Outdoor spaces are incredibly important in today’s housing market. Potential homeowners see a nice backyard and envision themselves having drinks with their friends or relaxing after a long day at work.

From backyard wet bars to outdoor fire pits, there are many ways in which you can spruce up a backyard for potential buyers.

Garage Storage

Families need ample storage space. You need to keep that in mind as a seller. By situating space in the garage to de-clutter the main areas, you could increase your bottom line.

The garage, unlike the shed in the backyard or the dusty old attic, is accessible. More often than not, it sits a few steps from the front door. Adding peg wallboards to store tools, cabinetry, and shelving for additional item storage, or electrical circuits for lighting, can be extremely helpful.

Final Thoughts

Creating a home that potential buyers will admire isn’t difficult. It simply takes proper planning and a vision. If you’re looking to sell your home in Atlanta and you don’t have the time or finances to renovate, get in touch with us here at Tru Buyers. We’ve helped thousands of Americans sell their homes in “as-is” condition.

We look forward to helping you take your next steps in life.

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