Are single family houses better than townhomes?

Questions, Things To Know

When it comes to real estate, you probably wonder what your next step is. We all ponder the different types of places that are available and the pros and cons of each. You may want to get one of those townhomes for sale, but you might wonder if it’s better than one of the single-family homes for sale. In the following article pertaining to buying or selling a house in Atlanta, we will explore which is better for which situation. There are pluses and minuses to any choice you will make regarding dwellings, and this in-depth article will explore them.


Townhomes- the grass here is always green because you likely never have to water it. Feel free to forget your lawnmower in your move because you won’t be needing it. Instead, you can enjoy a well-manicured front and back lawn courtesy of your townhouse board. You will feel right at home because your neighbors will be lounging on their porch that is right next to you. You can go out and say hi or simply enjoy your meal inside instead.

There is great soundproofing these days and no reason to hear your neighbors. You might like them but you don’t want to know what they get up to. A townhouse worth investing in will have this type of soundproofing. You can enjoy a many-tiered home, such as one with four levels. You get all of this but less cleaning than one of the single-family homes for sale. All in all, it’s a pretty solid choice.

Single Family Homes

Enter the single-family home. It can be your dream among all of the homes for sale. You have your own backyard for roaming. You have wide-open spaces in your home and you share no walls with strangers. Your privacy is as easy as closing the curtains. Additionally, you can add in the additional privilege of having a completely fenced in property. This is the type of backyard that a pet will love roaming in. You will feel perfectly at peace on your deck and you don’t have to even interact with your neighbors at all.

Choices, Choices

There are so many decisions when it comes to choosing one of the single family homes for sale versus one of the townhomes for sale. You can’t have both probably as it wouldn’t be practical on most budgets. So you do indeed need to make a selection.

The best part of buying or selling a house in Atlanta is the satisfaction that you get with your final purchase. You have made the move and are on your way to property ownership. Townhouses are great but you have to be prepared for more community living. It might not be so private regarding what you do for a living. Your neighbors will likely stop and question you at some point. Those walls will feel more like family than friends. You might even get involved in community get-togethers. All of this is done in the name of being social.

The single-family home is a different animal. You don’t really have to be a social butterfly to own one. If you go over and bring a pie and introduce yourself, you are considered being forward. Just a polite social distance is considered common courtesy. When you have a neighbor like this, you don’t have to answer your door when you don’t want to. Conversely, they are all close enough that your kids can play together and they can come over for a barbeque.

Having put aside the social aspect of all of this, there is also whether or not you want to pay more. A townhouse can save you money. It might cost less, maybe even $100,000 or even $200,000 less in the final mortgage cost. You might not even qualify for a single-family dwelling with your mortgage rating and credit score. You definitely need to factor cost and what you can afford into the entire equation.

Additionally, you should look at what it will take to maintain. A townhouse often has a common repair person and you pay for these repairs in your fees. You will still be responsible for appliances, but if you choose a new one with upgrades, you shouldn’t have a lot of common repair problems. In a home, on the other hand, if something breaks down, you can point the finger back to you in terms of responsibility. You will be the one that will have to fork out the money for everything that goes wrong. If you have a leaky roof, you better be handy or have budgeted for a roofer.

When It All Comes Down to It

You have to be happy with the home you choose. You can’t rely on someone else’s preferences to make you content. Some people could not live so close to others, and for others, it is a dream. Those who like to have a step up in space from a condo will find that a townhouse affords optimal privacy. You can really get yourself accustomed to all that living comfortably and yet affordably. The townhouse fees are worth it to those who are too busy for home improvements. You will find that you feel a lot more happy on the weekends when you’re not sitting around waiting for the repairman to show up.

Conversely, a single-family home may be the first real home that you have. You can use it later for equity and assets when in comes to buying or selling a home in Georgia. You might find that it’s a stepping stone into a lifestyle that is more adult. Finally, you have your place and you can furnish it out. You can have your friends over and they can stay as long as they like. One of the single-family homes for sale on the market might just be your dream abode. Now that you’ve read our list, you can make your own pros and cons list. You will find that you definitely have a preference when it comes down to it.

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