4 Ways To Improve Your House Value And Presentation

Home Improvement, Real Estate

Do you want to Improve Your House Value? Finding ways to increase the value of a home is every homeowner’s desire. Whether you’re considering selling your home this year or want to keep it in top condition, you might want to know which home improvements can enhance your house presentation and bring you the greatest profits.

Often, sellers will look to do some repair here and there ahead of a sale, but that doesn’t always work out as planned. It’s essential to understand what adds value in the eyes of potential buyers and the cost of these upgrades versus the ROI you stand to gain.

Here are ways to improve your house value and presentation:

Spruce It Up With Fresh Paint

Improving your house value and presentation is all about curb attraction. How your home looks from the outside is your first chance to make a good impression. Your home exterior should make a potential buyer want to walk in to see more. You might want to have well-maintained landscaping; your yard should be lively compared to your neighbors, plant some flowers or repaint the front door.

When you’re impressed with the exterior, it’s time to give your interior a great improvement. 

Have you heard the old saying; a lick of paint does wonders. A fresh coat of paint will make even the dated interiors look new, fresh, and appealing to the eyes. The same goes for wallpaper, carpeting drapes, or simply having a general decor refresh.

Stage Your Home

Home staging should be a primary focus if you’re planning to put your home on the market and want it to fetch you top dollar. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, 85% of incredibly staged homes sell in as short as 23 days and 5% to 23 % over list price.  

Staging your home involves doing a few things such as decluttering and depersonalization (i.e., getting rid of pets, removing family photos or specific decor) or making a few improvements around the house, bringing in rented furnishings, professional decorations, etc. more.

Add Usable Square Footage

Adding square footage to your home can make a lot of financial sense. When a home is bigger, it often commands a higher value, and even if an appraiser doesn’t officially acknowledge the total value of added space, the buyer will likely notice.

Besides adding a room to make your house bigger, you can create additional living space by building a deck or finishing the basement.

Make Your Home More Efficient

Energy conservation features have an important impact on the value of a home. Buying energy-efficient mortgages (EEMs) offers an opportunity for borrowers to take additional debt to complete the purchase of a home and carry out energy-efficient upgrades. EEMs can also attract low mortgage rates to increase purchasing interest, according to Energy.gov.

To make your home energy efficient, consider enhanced attic insulation, double-paned windows, LED lighting, efficient appliances, or you can go as serious as installing solar panels on the roof.

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