A New Approach To Proptech To Reach Generation-Z Renters

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Are you trying to figure out the Generation-Z Renters market? First impressions count. And, this is why it is so essential for homeowners to pay close attention to how they can improve their home’s value and how their homes are presented to prospective buyers. Thankfully, a wealth of invaluable information is available online that discusses how these improvements should be made. Huge amounts of this information come from professionals who specialize in staging homes for their clients. So, let’s get started by covering these four ways to improve your home’s value and presentation. 

Stage your home

As more and more millennials shop for their first homes, professional stagers are always looking for the best ways to attract their attention. Therefore, they are using various techniques to accommodate their specific needs. Here are six tips homeowners can use to cater to their preferences. 

  • Inspire Independent and Healthy Living
  • Furnish with Millennials in Mind with sell my house for cash ideas 
  • Make it Ready-to-Move 
  • Promote Eco-Friendliness with Green Staging 
  • Automate with Smart Staging 
  • Encourage a Work-Life Balance

Clean and Declutter

Based on information published by a 2019 Homelight report, an average increase in the resale value of approximately $4,000 when the home is cleaned and decluttered. Therefore, if you and your family decide to tackle this type of cleaning project before placing your home on the demand for sale, the price of your home’s value is expected to go up quite a bit. 

Also, it is essential to note that cleaning and decluttering projects are often strategically done. Or, if the homeowner chooses to do so, they may even hire someone else to assist with making sure the entire home is up-to-par. 

Work on your curb appeal

First impressions do not start when someone enters the home’s doors for sale. The first impression is usually created when the prospective buyer enters the driveway. Hence, paying attention to a home’s curb appeal is equally important. Therefore, you want to make sure a significant amount of your time is spent outdoors and indoors. For instance, some people pay close attention to your home’s landscape, especially if they want to see if the trees in the yard are healthy or infested with pests. The grass on the property should look well-groomed too. 

Also, if the sidewalks around the home are older and cracked, you may want to consider repairing or installing new concrete sidewalks before you list your home for sale. Because the home’s overall resale value is expected to increase by as much as 7%, the outside of the home must be considered when designing a solid and creative plan for the future.

Renovate and Update Your kitchen 

Whenever buyers step into any home, they are often focused on the areas that mean the most to them. In many cases, the kitchen is one of the essential areas inside the home, especially since everyone usually spends a significant amount of time eating or preparing something to eat. Therefore, if you have limited resources and time or want to sell your house fast, you may want to start with a complete kitchen renovation.

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