How To Stage Your Home To Sell It

How To, Things To Know

If you’re looking to sell your home in Atlanta, you may have considered getting rid of any personal items and staging it. Sellers will often create blank slates for prospective buyers by staging their homes. The idea of staging a home is allowing a prospective buyer to envision themselves living there.

A professional home stager can help provide you with a professional and modern look. Plus, homes that are well-staged often sell much faster. According to a recent Neighbor report, homes that have professional staging often sell in an average of six days. Compared to the typical selling average of 48 days, that data is pretty pleasing.

How Does Staging Work?

Depending on your budget and timeline, you might consider hiring a professional stager to help you out. A stager will put unique furniture in your home and de-clutter each room to make your house look open yet comfortable. They will make sure each space in the home looks properly utilized by setting up new decor.

A great stager knows how to bring the best out of a home, which can be a very effective strategy for selling quickly.

Why Stage A Home

The most obvious reason why you might choose to stage your home is that it will help you sell it faster. A home that is staged can sell fo 17% higher than the asking price.

Every $100 that you invest into staging will provide you with a $400 return according to the National Association of Realtors.

There aren’t any alternatives for creating an attractive listing. Remember, you can make a second first impression. It’s your job to make sure your prospective buyers’ jaws drop the second they see your listing. A beautiful staging could seal the deal.

A nicely-staged home helps buyers imagine themselves living there, enjoying movies at night or entertaining guests with dinner.

Disadvantages of Home Staging

One of the main downsides to staging a home is the price. A large home and backyard means a bigger asking price for the stager. Most of the time, people pay anywhere from $300 to $600 to stage a home.

However, the numbers can vary depending on where you live, the square footage of your home, and your asking price. A professional stager, similar to an interior designer, will also provide you with a consultation fee.

Final Thoughts – Should You Stage Your Home?

If you’re wondering whether you should stage your home, the first thing that you need to consider is your budget and your timeline. Make sure to research other homes in your area that are on the market at the time. In doing so, you can get a better idea of how much you can expect to pay for a professional stager to come in.

Of course, staging isn’t for everyone. Whether you can’t afford to do it or simply don’t have the time, you can choose to sell your home off market to a company like TruBuyers.

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