Top 5 Tips For Moving Out In Atlanta


Congratulations! We’re sure the decision to sell your home was not an easy one. The next thing you need to consider is the moving out in Atlanta process. One of the great thing about selling to a company like Tru Buyers is that you don’t have to stress about deep-cleaning your home or taking all of your furniture with you.

Of course, even then, the moving process isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Luckily, we have a few tips that could help make the transition much easier for you. Continue reading to learn more!

Start Now

Moving is a hassle for so many people because they wait until the last home. As soon as you decide to sell your home, start cleaning, decluttering, and gathering any tools you might need to begin transferring your belongings. Packing tape and bubble wrap are a good start!

Check out Craigslist for free cardboard boxes too. Consider packing up things you don’t need right now, such as family photos or seasonal decorations.

Get Some Help

Whether you hire a professional moving company or seek help from family and friends, it is important that you begin making arrangements as soon as possible. You may even want to consider making the move a few days prior to last walkthrough, as you can use this time to start moving essential items.

If you decide to ask family and friends for help, pizza and beer is always a great incentive!

Get Your Paperwork In Order

Make sure to take care of necessary paperwork prior to moving. You don’t want to have to deal with utility changes or insurance policies once you’ve already left your prior residence. Create a small checklist for yourself and go through it. You can even take the time to change one item per day so that you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Prep Your Home

People often scramble to get things together a few days before they have to move out. We recommend starting to pack things up now. Clear a path in your home for moving boxes and figure out how you can stay in charge of your precious belongings.

Getting things together now will give you peace of mind and help you save money on the day.


Now is the time to get rid of belongings you don’t need anymore. Begin assessing your possessions to see if you need them. You’re starting anew. There is no reason to bring a load of junk with you to your next place if you don’t need it.

Plus, having fewer things to bring along with you to your next place will make the moving process easier overall. Sell some items on OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace to make some extra cash before your more.

Our goal here at Tru Buyers is to make the buying, selling, and moving process as easy as possible. If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you make your next transition in life or you are moving out in Atlanta, make sure to get in touch with us today.

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