Top 3 Reliable Options When Dealing With a Hoarder House


Dealing with a Hoarder house can be difficult, especially if you are dealing with a family member that suffers from this mental disorder. At first, it can be a tricky situation, especially if the house has been destroyed in any way.

Still, there are ways in which a home seller might be able to sell their house, even if it’s a hoarder house which tends to be harder to deal with. With so much to clean and trash, it almost feels impossible to sell a hoarder house.

However, there are 3 reliable options when dealing with a hoarder house that might help you sell your house. Here are some suggestions on how to do it!

Clean Up the Hoarder House

Cleaning a hoarder house is one of the most challenging parts of fixing the house; however, it is also the most important for the preliminary steps you need to take before you decide to sell the hoarder house.

Although it is the most time-consuming and possibly the most expensive, this must be done before listing your house. However, if you choose to clean it yourself, you must do it effectively.

According to FIXr, the average cost for hoarding cleanup can be between 3000 to 5000 for a 200 square foot house, which can add to the overall cost of your house. However, you can also do it yourself and buy the supplies by dividing the trash into different categories, making it more manageable to clean.

Renovate The House, and Fix What’s Necessary

Renovating a house can come at a high cost, but it can be worth it, especially if it’s almost impossible to sell your house traditionally. If you want to list your house, you must have all of the electrical and plumbing issues figured out.

Hoarder houses are usually damaged in some type of way. After the cleaning up is done, house sellers must determine if any structural damages might negatively affect the sale of the house.

Renovations in any type of house can be costly; however, they can also drive up the cost of your house. Hence, this allows you to receive a return on the amount of money you spent on the house’s renovations.

This also allows you to hire a real estate agent that can sell your house. The commission fee might be more expensive due to the nature of the hoarder house; however, it can be worth it if you are willing to spend that much money on it.

Sell Your House to a Direct or Cash Buyer

If you don’t care about the conditions of the hoarder house, and you just want to sell it, contacting a direct buyer might be the way to go. Cash Buyers such as Trubuyers offer home sellers a rate quicker than a normal listing would.

Cash Buyers buy houses in any shape, and it can help sellers save a lot of time and money. When selling to a direct buyer, house sellers do not need to find a real estate agent to sell their house. They also do not need to spend any money fixing the house since conditions do not matter.

As a Summary

Hoarder houses can be difficult to deal with, especially if you are trying to sell a house that needs a deep clean-up. The process can be costly and difficult, especially if you want to quickly sell your house. At Trubuyers, we offer sellers a quick rate and the ability to sell their house without having to wait in a listing without any response for months.

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